Everyone should have access to fresh, healthy, affordable food. Wards 7 and 8 deserve more. Join us at this action for food justice.

full service grocery stores for over 148,000 resident of Wards 7 &8 combined, compared to 9 full service grocery stores in Ward 3.
percent of Ward 8 residents have no access to a personal vehicle, making traveling to access food particularly difficult for many.
people living East of the River are this many times more likely to die from diabetes than people living in Ward 3.
percent of D.C. residents don't have access to enough food for a healthy, active life.

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We’re walking to downtown Anacostia from the only grocery store in Ward 8, which is a 45 minute walk away.


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The Grocery Walk is funded in part by a grant from Voices for Healthy Kids, an initiative of the American Heart Association and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.